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Price Confirmation (on bullion items)

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Market Loss Policy

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Price Confirmation (on bullion items)

At the time of placing an order with Pinehurst Coins to buy or sell, the transaction becomes a binding agreement.  

While in the checkout process, your price will become, “locked-in” upon clicking on, “Place Order” during the Order Review.  You will then receive a confirmation number via email.  Payment must be dated within 24 hours of this transaction, and received by Pinehurst Coins within 5 business days of placing an order under $9,999.99(USD), within 3 business days for orders from $10,000.00(USD) to $24,999.99(USD) and sent overnight or wired within 1 business day for all orders $25,000.00(USD) and up, otherwise your “lock-in” price cannot be guaranteed.  On all Check or Wire transactions, you will be required to secure your purchase by placing 10% of your total purchase on a credit card.  This charge is non-refundable and will be deducted from your total purchase.  The remainder (90%) is the amount that must be remitted to Pinehurst Coins via Check or Wire.

When selling to Pinehurst Coins you will be issued a confirmation number.  At this time, the order becomes binding, and the price is locked-in for that transaction.  It is at this point that the transaction cannot be cancelled; however the transaction may be offset at our current buy price.  All items sold to Pinehurst Coins must be shipped to us within 1 business day of order confirmation.  You must then submit a registered mail number or tracking number via email (Contact@PinehurstCoins.com) or telephone 910-235-COIN(2646).

Purchases of $9,999.99(USD) or less must be received within 5 business days, purchases of $10,000.00(USD) to $24,999.99(USD) must be received within 3 business days and purchases of $25,000.00(USD) and up must be received within 1 business day.  If items are not received within their respective deadlines because of a delay due to the carrier, Pinehurst Coins holds the right, but is not obligated to, extend the deadline.  Delivery outside of these parameters can result in either a price adjustment or a return of all goods back to you without payment.

Disclaimer:  Pinehurst Coins holds the right to revoke or refuse any and all orders where the confirmed price is incorrect.  Incorrect pricing may be due to sudden movements in the precious metals market, pricing errors or computer-related errors.  Pinehurst Coins reserves the right to cancel any and all orders that are identified as suspicious, questionable, fraudulent or pose any other risk to Pinehurst Coins. regardless of any payment type or method, even after price confirmation.

Return Policy

Pinehurst Coins offers its customers an exchange policy on everything we sell.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please call us to discuss your concerns.  We always do our best to satisfy our customers. 

ALL BULLION ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE.  Due to the volatile nature of the bullion market all gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium bullion sales are final.  

Cancellation Policy

Once an order is submitted and a confirmation number is issued, all prices are locked-in whether you are buying or selling.  The cancellation of any of these orders, subject us to market risk, due to the fact that your price is being locked-in.  We do realize that certain situations can arise, that may require a customer to cancel an order.  If this is the case, you must contact us via telephone at (910) 235-COIN (2646) during our normal business hours, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm EST.  All cancellations are subject to a $35.00 (USD) or 3% of the total purchase (whichever is higher) cancellation fee, in addition to our market loss policy (seen below). 

Due to updated November 2019 PayPal policies, the buyer will be responsible for any fees resulting from a credit card or PayPal refund.

A customer service representative must approve all cancellations over the phone.  If your cancellation is granted, you will be assigned a cancellation number.  If at the time of the cancellation, there is any market loss incurred by Pinehurst Coins it will be calculated and added to the $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee.  At this time you must pay for any and all fees assigned with a credit card.  Until all these fees are paid in full, no future orders will be permitted.  Market gains on cancellations will remain the property of Pinehurst Coins. 

Market Loss Policy

The submission of an order (buying or selling) and subsequent receipt of a confirmation number locks in your price.  It is at this point that the transaction cannot be cancelled, but only offset at our current buy price.  If any deficit in value has been incurred during this process, you will be responsible for the difference plus a $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee.  All market gains on a return or cancellation will remain the property of Pinehurst Coins.

Price Match Guarantee

We pride ourselves in always giving our customers the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  We go as far as guaranteeing that we will match any of our approved competitors advertised prices.

To qualify for the Price Match Guarantee, the item must be the same EXACT item that we have listed.  Certified coins must have the same coin, grade and label.  Bullion must be for the same exact product including, metal type, manufacturer, size (weight or denomination), quality and quantity (number of units for a certain price level or tier).  The company must have the price advertised on their website and one of our representatives must be able to verify that price. EBay auction prices (or any other auction site) are never qualified prices for our Price Match Guarantee.  Our Price Match Guarantee is not applicable on a post-facto basis; approval must be given by a representative PRIOR to the purchase of the item in question.  Price Match Guarantee may be declined at our discretion and all terms to this guarantee are subject to change without notice.

Prices are matched based on an, "All In" price.  Therefore if the company we are matching charges shipping or any other fees, these would be included in the price of the product.

To see if an item qualifies for our Price Match Guarantee, email us at Contact@PinehurstCoins.com (include a link to the product you want to price match both on our website and the competitors website) or you can call us at 910-235-COIN(2646) and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

User Agreement 

By using the website www.PinehurstCoins.com and any other services provided by Pinehurst Coins including all purchases from or sales to Pinehurst Coins you have agreed with the following terms, including and without limitation to all terms and policies we have provided.  All terms shall apply directly to all purchases, sales and all other services provided, whether made through the website, email, telephone or otherwise.  Prior to placing an order, you must read and accept all terms in the user agreement.  The placing of an order by any capacity to buy or sell to or from Pinehurst Coins will be considered acceptance to all terms and conditions.  We also recommend that you read, in full, all of our policies, prior to placing an order.  All posted policies and agreements are subject to change and or amendment at any time at our discretion.  Changes or amendments become binding upon being posted on our website. 


Limitation of liability

Pinehurst Coins shall not be responsible for any negligence, errors, or the inability to complete an order.  Pinehurst Coins is not liable for any failure or delay in transmission, completion or delivery of an order due to a breakdown or failed transmission, or any and all other causes beyond Pinehurst Coins control or reasonable anticipation.  Pinehurst Coins is not responsible for lost, stolen, incidental or consequential damages arising directly or indirectly with the use or misuse of this website.



Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive from certain websites that you visit.  Cookies store information such as a user login ID and information about pages you visit.  Cookies, however, can only get the personal information that you supply to them, not data from your hard drive or even other Cookie files from another website.  Pinehurst Coins uses Cookies to enable you to complete transactions faster and to retrieve current price quotes.  Credit Card information is never stored in Cookies and must be entered for every purchase.



Pinehurst Coins recommends that you thoroughly read all user agreements and policies provided on our website.

In purchasing from or selling to Pinehurst Coins you represent that you have sufficient knowledge and experience on which to base your decisions.  You acknowledge that you are making your own decisions and in no way are those decisions being influenced by a recommendation made to you by Pinehurst Coins.  You also acknowledge that you are susceptible to many different risks that are beyond the control of Pinehurst Coins and that Pinehurst Coins is in no way liable for any detriment incurred from those risks.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy when ordering from www.PinehurstCoins.com is extremely important to us.  To give you a better understanding of how we use the information you give us, here is a list of the types of information we collect, and how we use it. 

Email Addresses:  Used to answer emails that we receive.  Also used for order confirmation and shipping information.  Occasionally Email Addresses are used to provide customers with new product information and other newsletters.

Email Addresses are NOT shared with outside parties.

Shipping Information:  Used strictly to complete your order.  It is only shared with outside parties required to complete your order (i.e. the United States Postal Service, etc.). 

Security:  In order to prevent unauthorized access of your data, we have implemented electronic, physical, and managerial safeguards to maintain secure collection and use of any and all information that we collect.

Passwords:  In order to protect our customers, we have no access to your user account password.

All personally identifiable information collected is never used in any way unrelated to the above described without also allowing you to opt-out or prohibit unrelated uses.


Graded Coins

Because of the very subjective nature of coin grading, Pinehurst Coins offers only NGC and PCGS certified coins.  Both NGC and PCGS are third party grading services that personally guarantee their grades.  They are the two most highly respected grading services in the numismatic industry.  This allows our customers to buy from us with confidence, knowing they are purchasing a top quality, guaranteed product. 

The coin market is volatile and always fluctuating.  This can result in a loss or gain of value on any given coin you purchase.  Pinehurst Coins wants to remind buyers that past performance can in no way be used to predict the future value.  Buyers should consider these coins strictly as collector coins and any investment advice should be obtained strictly from the buyer’s own financial experts. 

Bullion Items

Bullion for investment purposes can be a great way to buy into the precious metals market, HOWEVER ALL INVESTMENTS COME WITH RISKS.  There are many factors that affect the price of precious metals.  We strongly recommend that you consult your financial expert prior to investing in any of our bullion items.  Pinehurst Coins does not provide any investment advice, and cannot be held liable for any market gains or losses through the purchase or sale of bullion or coin items that we provide.

Payment Methods

Here at Pinehurst Coins, we offer a wide variety of payment methods to ensure customer satisfaction.  In the following, you will find our various payment methods and guidelines.

Credit Card

To protect our customers, all credit card orders must be shipped to the address that appears on the credit card statement.  We accept credit card payment from the following providers:  Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Personal Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check

Make all checks payable to Pinehurst Coins,  a copy of the invoice should be included with your payment.  Paying by check may delay the processing of your order for up to ten days, while awaiting funds to clear.

Send all Checks, Money Orders or Cashier's Checks to:

Pinehurst Coins
P.O. Box 3686
Pinehurst, NC 28374 

All checks must be dated within 24hrs of placing your order and received by Pinehurst Coins within 5 business days.

Orders in which the payment is not received within the 5 business days can be cancelled at any time thereafter, at the discretion of Pinehurst Coins.

Returned Checks will be subject to a $35 Returned Check Fee.

Wire instructions: 

Beneficiary: Pinehurst Coins
Account # 000863135314
ABA Routing # 053100300
Reference Order # 

First Citizens Bank 
100 East Tryon Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27603
(888) 323-4732

All wires must be submitted within 24hrs of placing your order.

Orders in which the payment is not received within the 24hrs can be cancelled at any time thereafter, at the discretion of Pinehurst Coins

US PayPal (No international forms of payment will be accepted)

All customers who choose to pay through PayPal should be aware that they must have a confirmed address with PayPal.  Payment will not be accepted if the address is not confirmed.

Phone Orders

For our repeat customers, we offer the option of placing orders by phone.  Due to our website fraud protection system that is in place to protect us as well as our customers, first time customers must place initial orders on our website.  Phone orders can be placed by calling 910-235-COIN (2646) from the hours of 10am-6pm ET Monday- Friday. 


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