The Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier PMV PRO with Refiners Wand / Small Wand


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The PMV PRO makes four separate measurements that ensure that the coin or bar contains valid metal.

1. It measures surface resistivity, in the same way the original Precious Metal Verifier does.

2. Using two sensors, above and below the sample, the PMV PRO  can measure the resistivity all the way through the coin (thru resistivity), and see if it is the same as that at the surface.  In this way you can detect inserted metals.

3. Using the two sensors, the PMV PRO measures the thickness of the metal, even for coins in plastic holders.

4.Once you have entered the listed, or measured weight of the sample.  You can determine if the density (specific gravity) of the sample is consistent with the metal indicated.  The PMV PRO does this by making sure that the length/width, or diameter of the sample is consistent with the weight, resistivity, metal type, and thickness of it.

The Large Sensor (left) measures bars and coins 30 mm and greater in diameter.  The maximum thickness that can be used on this sensor is 14 mm.

The Small Sensor measures bars and coins 8 mm in diameter and  larger.  The maximum thickness that can be used on this sensor is 4.2 mm.

The PMV PRO contains many ranges to test gold: pure gold, 22 K gold remainder copper (Krugerrand), 22 K gold 3% silver 5.3% copper ( American Gold Eagle), 98.6% gold (Ducat), and 90% gold remainder copper.

On the silver ranges it measures pure silver, sterling silver, 90% silver, older 90% silver, 80% silver, and Britannia silver.

It also has ranges to measure platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper.

The Refiners wand plugs into the main body of the PMV PRO and allows for measurements of surface resistivity (like the original PMV) for bars thicker than 14 mm. It measures 50% deeper than the Bullion wand that comes with the original PMV.

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