Vince Wade and Kevin Robotham

The American dream is alive and well, says Vince Wade, founder and CEO of Pinehurst Coins, “don’t let anyone tell you different.”

Sixteen years ago, the Army veteran was heading into a second career as a police officer. But those plans were sidetracked when he went looking for a place to sell his coin collection.

“I became fascinated with the industry and started to dabble more. My intent was this would just be a hobby but soon I had a business that was quite successful,” Wade said. “It was a risk but I credit my wife for encouraging me.”

These days Pinehurst Coins is one of the nation’s largest distributors of modern certified coins and precious metals brokerage firms. The company’s newly opened 11,000-square-foot offices on N.C. 5 in Pinehurst has allowed Wade to bring most of his numismatic enterprise under one roof.

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More and more customers paying with Bitcoin

Pinehurst Coins accept Bit Coin

Although businesses are slowly starting to take to the idea of accepting cryptocurrency, a North Carolina based company, Pinehurst Coins, has been using BitPay since 2012. “It felt good to be one of the first to do it, but more importantly, it was just us listening to what our clients wanted. Bitcoin and precious metals kind of go hand in hand, so it wasn’t coincidental that we were one of the first,” said President and CEO of Pinehurst Coins, Vincent Wade.

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