Cents minted after 1982 are made from copper plated zinc, with a 99.2% and .8% copper core and a pure copper plating. They are 20% lighter than copper alloy cents. The Act of February 21st, 1857, provided for the coinage of the new copper-nickel small cent. It also called for Spanish coins, Mexican coins, old copper cents, and half cents in circulation to be brought in and exchanged for U.S. silver coins and the new cents. Many varieties are known for 1857 and 1858. In particular, 1858 is found with two major variations. In the Large Letter design, the A and M in America are joined, while the Small Letter design they are separated. Minor variations on the reverse designs of corn, wheat, cotton, and tobacco also appear. The 1858 “8 Over 7” variety can be identified by a small dot in the field above the first 8- during production, the die was ground down until the 7 was invisible. We offer a varied selection of small cents that are also available in $1 face value rolls!