We will gladly perform informal appraisals at no cost to our customers. If you require a written formal appraisal, it may be subject to an hourly rate. Please connect with us to discuss your needs. We use the latest in XRF technology to test your precious metals, resulting in pinpoint accuracy without damaging your items! 

Scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

First, one of our full-time numismatists physically examines your items. They will check for magnetic properties, coloration and markings. 

Next, we use the XRF Analyzer to check the purity and density of your items. We do not use the outdated scratch test method that is less accurate, will damage your item(s), and commonly inaccurately tests gold that is slightly under karat. 

For example, a piece of jewelry that is 13k would fail the 14k scratch test but pass the 10k. The customer is then paid for 10k gold instead of the actual 13k value, which is a 13% difference! With XRF technology, we are able to identify the exact karat and subsequent percentage of an item and pay accordingly. 

We will then notify you of their value. At this point you can sell all, some or none of your items to us.

Numismatic Coins and Collections

The examination of coins will begin with one of our full-time professionals sorting and separating your collection. Then, they determine the value of your collection based on date, mintmark, condition, and precious metal values for each item. Commonly, people ask if we pay the coin (numismatic) value or precious metal value for their items.  

Our answer is, “There’s no one true value to a coin.”  

If the coin is not collectible and made of precious metal, then the coin is worth its precious metal weight. If the coin is made of precious metal and highly collectible, it is worth its numismatic value assigned by the market.  

Our goal at Pinehurst Coins is to educate the public. We will gladly go through your coins and explain exactly what you have and what it’s worth, regardless if you are selling the coins or getting an appraisal. Once your items are appraised you can make an informed decision about what, if anything, you would like to sell. 

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