What is Exonomia?

Bullion is precious metal sold in bulk. It is Exonumia are coin-like objects whose value is based on their appearance and novelty.  Coins used as a sculpting medium are called “hobo nickels.” Nickels are a publicly accessible artistic medium… Read More

How are Coins Made?

Although we handle coins every day, their immaterial value as currency often overshadows their material form. Have you ever wondered how they are made? It’s quite similar to a printing press… Read More

What is a Numismatist?

Numismatists study coins, paper notes, and medals. They study the art of minting coins, the metals used to create them, and the history of currency as a whole. Read More

Numismatic Coins vs Bullion

Coins are categorized and valued for their numismatic qualities or their bullion weight. Bullion coin’s values are based on the weight of the precious metals they contain. Read More

Heads or Tails?

Let’s toss a coin! Coin tosses are used to break ties in elections, games, and more… Read More

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